How to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

We’re quickly approaching the one-year mark since we vacationed in the Mediterranean.

It seems like only yesterday we were strolling through the streets of Florence and sun-bathing on  the deck of cruise ship!

How to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

If your’e anything like me, you LOVE to travel, but you loathe to pack. It can be an overwhelming task, especially if you plan to travel for over a week! Planning for our Mediterranean cruise was no exception. When it came time to finally stuff my suitcase, I decided that comfort and style had to be the rule.

I wanted to look put-together, but not so much so that I couldn’t go casual when need be.

Rather than pack 15 different outfits, I needed items that could be mixed, matched and re-worn without looking too repetitive.

AND… everything I packed needed to be easily folded away without needing to be ironed once unpacked (I mean come on… I don’t even iron at home)!

I found the following items to be the cruise-wear necessities. And they served me well!

Check below for current links to my fave’s!

How to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

The Necessities 

1. A stylish pair of sunglassesThese are a must for any vacation! And Ray-bans are my absolute favorite!

2. A timeless swimsuitOn a fancy cruise, you’re bound to feel a little classy. Just about any all-black suit will do!

3. A floppy hat. Something that makes you feel sophisticated and care-free at the same time.

4. Strappy sandalsGreat for exploring the sights or slipping on before you head to the pool deck.

5. A light jacket. You’ll most likely experience fair-weather on your Mediterranean cruise, but if you’re cold-weather-wimp like myself, you’ll want a light jacket on hand. This cargo jacket from Madewell is a personal favorite of mine.

6. A sundressPick a dress that is multi-functional! It should be comfortable for the days that you are traveling, able to be dressed up with accessories for fancy dinners, or serve as a bathing suit cover.

7. A flow-y topWhat is flow-y you ask? Just the adjective my sisters and I created to describe a shirt that doesn’t cling to you, allowing you to snack as much as you like and still feel cute. 🙂 You will be snacking quite a bit on a cruise, so a flow-y top is necessary!

8. Linen shortsThis pair is both comfortable and stylish. I live in this exact pair AAAALLLL summer!

A Packing List for Every Adventure

I am a huge fan of lists and list making! (I may or may not be working off of a list to write this post! 😉 ) Maybe you’re not about to embark on a Mediterranean cruise, but if you’re adventure bound – chances are – you’ll need a packing list!

You can download my Travel Necessities packing list here for FREE!

How to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise


Happy packing! 🙂


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