sunrise on haleakala

The sun began it’s daily ascent as I jumped into my car this morning. My heart was heavy with the burden I’d been carrying for the last several weeks. I started to cry. In an effort to distract myself I focused on the sunrise. Immediately my mind was drawn back to the sunrise I watched in Maui on Haleakala just a few weeks ago…

sunrise on haleakala

The summit of the dormant volcano was PACKED. Hundreds of spectators crowded the outlook paths. It was a standing-room-only situation. We arrived in the dark and stumbled our way to the viewpoint. Everyone pressed as close as they could get to the railing – the only thing keeping us from plummeting into the crater below.

We waited in silent expectation.

Not a single person waiting there doubted that the sun would indeed rise.

Dawn was a certainty – and it did not disappoint!

sunrise on haleakala

The memory of this glorious sunrise brought my mind and anxious heart to rest on Hosea 6:3:

Let us press on to know the Lord; his going out is as sure as the dawn.

What if I waited for God as expectantly as I waited for the sunrise in Haleakala? Do I really believe that he is willing and able to act on my behalf? To meet me in my grief, to light my path with wisdom, and to fulfill my desires for his presence?

YESSS! His word promises me of his faithfulness. He has proven himself over and over in my life. So I will press on and press in. 

sunrise on haleakala

I can’t help but think about how many equally incredible sunrises are missed around the world every day. God doesn’t display his splendor solely for our entertainment. If the tourists don’t show up on Haleakala one day, the majestic sunrise will still be there. Creation itself can’t help but proclaim his glory!

“So if everything exists to lift him high, so will I.” (Hillsong United)

No matter my season – whether it be of grief, doubt, wandering, or fear – I can trust that Dawn is coming. So I’ll wait on Him expectantly and praise him for the beautiful sunrise he’ll create out of the sorrow.

sunrise on haleakala

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